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HealthStudy reveals protein that reverses ageing of skeletal muscle

Study reveals protein that reverses ageing of skeletal muscle

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The illustration reveals a senescent muscle cell (left), together with the quite a few elements that led to its declining capacity to divide and develop. It additionally reveals the identical sort of cell after the overexpression of NANOG, which reversed lots of the elements. Credit: University at Buffalo

A University at Buffalo-led analysis crew has proven {that a} protein named for the legendary land of youth in Irish folklore is efficient at reversing ageing in skeletal muscle cells.

Published Sept. 3 in Science Advances, the examine facilities on the protein NANOG, which is derived from Tír na nÓg, a spot in Irish lore famend for eternal youth, health and beauty.

In a sequence of experiments, researchers overexpressed NANOG in myoblasts, that are the embryonic precursors to muscle tissue. The myoblasts had been senescent, that means they had been now not in a position to divide and develop.

The overexpression ameliorated a number of the major traits related to age-related deterioration of cells, together with autophagy, power homeostasis, genomic stability, nuclear integrity and mitochondrial perform.

Most notably, NANOG elevated the variety of muscle stem cells within the muscle of prematurely ageing mice. This demonstrated the feasibility of reversing cellular aging within the physique with out the necessity to reprogram cells to an embryonic pluripotent state, a course of that is usually utilized in stem cell therapy however runs the danger of tumorigenesis.

“Our work focuses on understanding the mechanisms of NANOG’s actions in hopes of discovering druggable targets in signaling or metabolic networks that mimic the anti-aging effects of NANOG. Ultimately, the work could help lead to new treatments or therapies that help reverse cellular senescence, and aid the many people suffering from age-related disorders,” says the examine’s corresponding writer Stelios T. Andreadis, Ph.D., SUNY Distinguished Professor within the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering on the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging in adult stem cells

More data:
Aref Shahini et al, Ameliorating the hallmarks of mobile senescence in skeletal muscle myogenic progenitors in vitro and in vivo, Science Advances (2021). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abe5671

Study reveals protein that reverses ageing of skeletal muscle (2021, September 14)
retrieved 15 September 2021
from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-09-protein-reverses-aging-skeletal-muscle.html

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