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A Swarm Of 700 Earthquakes Rattles Canary Islands, Sparks Hypothesis Of Volcanic Eruption

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An enormous earthquake swarm has been reported across the volcanic island of La Palma within the Canary Islands of Spain. The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) mentioned there’s motive to imagine the seismic swarm is because of magma slowly rising. 

Involcan recorded greater than 700 small earthquakes on La Palma close to Cumbre Vieja volcano since final Saturday. 

The largest rumble, a 3.4 on the Richter scale, was reported by Involcan on Tuesday morning. Most quakes are shallow and occur 5 to 7.4 miles down, suggesting that new magma is rising. 

“Without a doubt, the current seismic swarm represents a significant change in the activity of the Cumbre Vieja volcano and is related to a process of magmatic intrusion under the island of La Palma,” Involcan warned. 

According to The Sun, the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Attention to Volcanic Risk Emergencies (PEVOLCA) was activated as a result of elevated seismic exercise. 

For clues a couple of doable eruption. Local officers reported a sensor on the volcano took a studying of the “highest Helium-3 levels in 30-years.” The gasoline is taken into account a message from the mantel and will counsel future volcanic exercise. 

Cumbre Vieja volcano final erupted in 1971, thought of one of the vital lively volcanoes of the Canary Islands. There have been fears an eruption may trigger a megatsunami. Steven Ward first explained this principle in analysis from the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, 20 years in the past. 

The scenario warrants shut monitoring because of the opportunity of volcanic exercise. 

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