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InvestingIs A "Climate Lockdown" On The Horizon?

Is A "Climate Lockdown" On The Horizon?

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Is A “Climate Lockdown” On The Horizon?

Authored by Kit Knightly via Off-Guardian.org,

If and when the powers-that-be resolve to maneuver on from their pandemic narrative, lockdowns received’t be going wherever. Instead it seems to be like they’ll be rebranded as “climate lockdowns”, and both enforced or just held threateningly over the general public’s head.

At least, based on an article written by an worker of the WHO, and printed by a mega-coporate think-tank.

Let’s dive proper in.


The report, titled “Avoiding a climate lockdown”, was written by Mariana Mazzucato, a professor of economics at University College London, and head of one thing referred to as the Council on the Economics of Health for All, a division of the World Health Organization.

It was first printed in October 2020 by Project Syndicate, a non-profit media group that’s (predictably) funded by way of grants from the Open society Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many, many others.

After that, it was picked up and republished by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which describes itself as “a global, CEO-led organization of over 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.”.

The WBCSD’s membership is actually every major company in the world, together with Chevron, BP, Bayer, Walmart, Google and Microsoft. Over 200 members totalling properly over 8 TRILLION {dollars} in annual income.

In brief: an economist who works for the WHO has written a report regarding “climate lockdowns”, which has been printed by each a Gates+Soros backed NGO AND a bunch representing virtually each financial institution, oil firm and tech big on the planet.

Whatever it says, it clearly has the approval of the individuals who run the world.


The textual content of the report itself is definitely fairly craftily constructed. It doesn’t outright argue for local weather lockdowns, however as a substitute discusses methods “we” can forestall them.

As COVID-19 unfold […] governments launched lockdowns in an effort to forestall a public-health emergency from spinning uncontrolled. In the close to future, the world might must resort to lockdowns once more – this time to deal with a local weather emergency […] To keep away from such a situation, we should overhaul our financial buildings and do capitalism in a different way.

This cleverly creates a veneer of arguing towards them, while really pushing the a priori assumptions that any so-called “climate lockdowns” would a) be needed and b) be efficient. Neither of which has ever been established.

Another factor the report assumes is a few type of causal hyperlink between the atmosphere and the “pandemic”:

COVID-19 is itself a consequence of environmental degradation

I wrote an article, again in April, exploring the media’s persistent makes an attempt to link the Covid19 “pandemic” with climate change. Everybody from the Guardian to the Harvard School of Public Health is taking the identical place – “The root cause of pandemics [is] the destruction of nature”:

The razing of forests and searching of wildlife is more and more bringing animals and the microbes they harbour into contact with folks and livestock.

There isn’t any scientific proof cited to assist this place. Rather, it’s a fact-free scare-line used to attempt to pressure a psychological connection within the public, between visceral self-preservation (concern of illness) and concern for the atmosphere. It is as clear as it’s weak.


So, what precisely is a “climate lockdown”? And what would it not entail?

The creator is fairly clear:

Under a “climate lockdown,” governments would restrict private-vehicle use, ban consumption of crimson meat, and impose excessive energy-saving measures, whereas fossil-fuel corporations must cease drilling.

There you will have it. A “climate lockdown” means no extra crimson meat, the federal government setting limits on how and when folks use their non-public automobiles and additional (unspecified) “extreme energy-saving measures”. It would seemingly embrace beforehand steered bans on air travel, too.

All in all, it’s doubtlessly way more strict than the “public health policy” we’ve all endured for the final 12 months.

As for forcing fossil gas corporations to cease drilling, that’s drenched within the kind of ignorance of practicality that solely exists within the tutorial world. Supposing we are able to change to thoroughly depend on renewables for power, we nonetheless wouldn’t be capable of cease drilling for fossil fuels.

Oil isn’t simply used as gas, it’s additionally wanted to lubricate engines and manufacture chemical compounds and plastics. Plastics used within the manufacture of wind generators and photo voltaic panels, for instance.

Coal isn’t simply wanted for energy stations, but in addition to make metal. Steel which is important to just about every little thing people do within the trendy world.

It jogs my memory of a Victoria Wood sketch from the Nineteen Eighties, the place an upper-middle class lady remarks, upon assembly a coal miner, “I suppose we don’t really need coal, now we’ve got electricity.”

Quite a lot of post-fossil utopian concepts are offered this manner, to people who find themselves comfortably faraway from the best way the world really works. This mirrors the supposed “recovery” the atmosphere skilled throughout lockdown, a mythic creation promoting a silver lining of home arrest to individuals who suppose that as a result of they’re having their annual funds conferences over Zoom, by some means China stopped manufacturing 900 million tonnes of steel a year, and the US army doesn’t produce extra air pollution than 140 different countries combined.

The query, actually, is why would an NGO backed by – amongst others – Shell, BP and Chevron, presumably need to counsel a ban on drilling for fossil gas? But that’s a dialogue for one more time.


So, the “climate lockdown” is a mixture of dystopian social management, and impractical nonsense seemingly designed to promote an agenda. But don’t fear, we don’t have to do that. There is a strategy to keep away from these excessive measures, the creator says so:

To keep away from such a situation, we should overhaul our financial buildings and do capitalism in a different way […] Addressing this triple disaster requires reorienting company governance, finance, coverage, and power techniques towards a inexperienced financial transformation […] Far extra is required to realize a inexperienced and sustainable restoration […] we wish to rework the way forward for work, transit, and power use.

“Overhaul”? “reorienting”? “transformation”?

Seems like we’re a new-built society. A “reset”, if you’ll, and given the specified scope, you can even name it a “great reset”, I suppose.

Except, after all, the Great Reset is only a wild “conspiracy theory”. The elite doesn’t desire a Great Reset, even if they keep saying they do

…they simply desire a huge wholesale “transformation” of our social, monetary, governmental and power sectors.

They need you to personal nothing and be glad. Or else.

Because that’s the oddest factor about this specific article, whereas most fear-porn public programming not less than makes an attempt subtlety, there may be very undoubtedly an overtly threatening tone to this piece [emphasis added]:

we’re approaching a tipping level on local weather change, when defending the way forward for civilization would require dramatic interventions […] One method or the opposite, radical change is inevitable; our process is to make sure that we obtain the change we wish – whereas we nonetheless have the selection.

The entire article is just not an argument, a lot as an ultimatum. A gun held to the general public’s collective head. “Obviously we don’t want to lock you up inside your homes, force you to eat processed soy cubes and take away your cars,” they’re telling us, “but we might have to, if you don’t take our advice.”

Will there be “climate lockdowns” sooner or later? I wouldn’t be shocked. But proper now – reasonably than being significantly mooted – they’re fulfilling a distinct position. A daunting hypothetical – A menace used to bully the general public into accepting the hardline globalist reforms that make up the “great reset”.

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