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InvestingRevenue Ton Mile Definition

Revenue Ton Mile Definition

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What Is a Revenue Ton Mile?

A revenue ton mile refers to a metric used within the freight, delivery, and transportation industries. Usually reported by railroad firms. a income ton mile measures how a lot income an organization makes per quantity of freight transported. This mainly interprets to the income earned for transporting one ton of freight throughout one mile. This metric is a crucial think about figuring out the profitability of firms within the transportation industries.

Key Takeaways

  • A income ton mile is a metric used within the transportation business.
  • One income ton mile is the income earned for transporting one ton of freight throughout one mile.
  • Revenue ton miles are used primarily by railroad firms.
  • Revenue ton miles are instantly associated to the economic system—income ton miles improve when the economic system grows, and decline throughout a slowdown.

Understanding Revenue Ton Miles

Revenue ton miles are generally used within the transportation industry. They calculate how a lot freight a delivery or transport firm strikes over a sure distance—most notably by railway firms. In easy phrases, a income ton mile is the quantity of income collected to move one ton of products a single mile is what’s referred to in segments of the transportation business as a income ton mile.

This metric is calculated by multiplying the cargo’s weight in tons by the variety of miles that it’s transported. To keep away from posting a loss, an organization should be capable of document a profit for each mile on cargo that’s shipped.

A income ton mile is a crucial determinant of revenue within the transportation business. Since empty freight vehicles produce no income, railroad operators should give attention to rising their income ton miles. The monetary efficiency of railroads displays, in massive components, the state of the economy. This is as a result of railroads are clearly important within the motion of products, raw materials, and commodities throughout the nation—east to west and north to south.

Empty freight vehicles produce no income, so railroad firms should improve their income ton miles.

Revenue ton miles thus have a direct relationship with the efficiency of the economic system. When the economic system is rising, income ton miles improve. But when the economic system slows down, income ton miles decline.

Example of Revenue Ton Mile

Union Pacific is one in every of North America’s largest railroad firms. It covers 23 states with greater than 32,200 miles of monitor. The firm’s fleet of just about 9,000 locomotives ships cargo starting from vehicles, coal, meals, forestry and agricultural merchandise, and meals.

The firm elevated its income ton miles by 2% from 99.683 billion in 2020 to 97.364 billion in 2021—a 12 months when real gross domestic product (GDP) superior 6.4%, in accordance with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Further evaluation is feasible with a breakdown of freight sort reported by railroad firms. Union Pacific reported 26% development in income ton miles in grain and grain merchandise, with declines in most different freight sorts apart from incremental development in forest merchandise and intermodal, and flat development in meals, and premium good sorts.

Year-to-year pattern traces like these are of curiosity to administration, analysts, buyers, and even economists.

Revenue Ton Mile vs. Revenue Passenger Mile

Revenue ton miles are just like revenue passenger miles (RPMs), the measure utilized by firms within the airline business. An RPM reveals the variety of miles traveled by paying passengers. In order to calculate income passenger miles, airline firms multiply the variety of passengers by the entire distance traveled. Using this components, 200 passengers on board a flight that travels 500 miles generates the airline a complete of 100,000 income passenger miles.

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